2018 Recipients

January 2018

Tri-Centric Foundation for Braxton75

$25,000 Three-Year Renewable Grant

In support of the “Braxton75” project — a new three-year initiative building up to Anthony Braxton’s 75th birthday celebration in June 2020. Braxton75 fuses three of Tri-Centric’s key goals: supporting live performance of Braxton’s work, publishing and distributing the compositions, and offering pedagogical services to both the professional and lay music community to nurture the next generation(s) of artists and audiences fluent in these creative practices.

Website: Tri-centric Foundation

January 2018

Constance DeJong’s WakeMaster Jewel

Donation to the Museum of Modern Art

The sculpture Wakemaster Jewel (2015) is a re-engineered vintage radio programmed to play a series of audio tracks in a random sequence. The audio features DeJong herself reading from her NightWriters series.

In September 2015, RDBF awarded Ms. DeJong a grant for her Nightwriters project.

Website: Constance DeJong

January 2018

Rafaël Rozendaal’s Abstract Browsing 17 03 05 (Google)

Jointly-Funded Acquisition with/for the Whitney Museum of American Art

Mr. Bielecki personally donated the following works in December 2017:

Siebren Versteeg, New York Double Hung, 2008
Casey Reas, UltraConcentrated, 2013
Jim Campbell, Reconstruction 7, 2006
Rafaël Rozendaal, Into Time 14 11 03, 2015

Website: Rafaël Rozendaal
Website: Whitney Museum of American Art

January 2018

Daniel Carter, Matthew Shipp, William Parker forthcoming Aum Fidelity Recording

$3,000 Grant

Web page: Daniel Carter at Aum Fidelity

Photo: downtownmusic.net