2019 Recipients

April 2019

The Kitchen

$5,000 Grant

In support of Wadada Leo Smith’s Rosa Parks: Pure Love. An Oratorio of Seven Songs to be performed at The Kitchen April 26–28. With vocalists, musicians, live video performance and butoh dance.

Website: Wadada Leo Smith

Website: Wadada Leo Smith at The Kitchen

Photo: Jimmy Katz

April 2019

24th Vision Festival

$10,000 Grant

In support of Andrew Cyrille, the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Honoree at the 24th Vision Festival at Roulette from June 11–16.

Website: 24th Vision Festival

January 2019

Paula Shocron

$8,500 Travel Grant

Paula Shocron is a pianist, composer, improviser, performer, music activist, and educator residing in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her trio has performed internationally. Her achievement of a mature sonic vocabulary culminated with her acclaimed 2017 release Tensegridad with drummer Pablo Diaz, and bassist Germán Lamonega on the Hat Hut record label.

Website: Paula Shacron

photo: Pablo Díaz

January 2019

Cantaloupe Music

$7,000 Recording Grant

In support of the forthcoming Cantaloupe Music release of John Luther Adams’ Become Desert.

Cantaloupe Music is the record label created and launched in March 2001 by the three founders of New York’s legendary Bang on a Can organization—composers Michael Gordon, David Lang and Julia Wolfe—with Bang on a Can managing director Kenny Savelson.

Website: Cantaloupe Music

January 2019

Digital Art Committee, Whitney Museum


The Digital Art Committee is devoted to strengthening and expanding the Whitney Museum of American Art’s collection of artworks that use digital technologies as medium, engaging with the aesthetic, cultural, social or political impact of these technologies.

Mr. Bielecki and the RDBF are credited with three works currently on view at the Whitney exhibition Programmed

Website: The Whitney Museum of American Art

January 2019

Andrew Lamb

$3,000 Grant

In support of Andrew Lamb’s Circadian Spheres Of Light Project encompassing music with original compositions, dance interpretations, spontaneous visual art, poetry/spoken word, and a magician. Mr. Lamb’s project is designed to help those living with autism, dementia, and post traumatic stress disorder, and invite them to share in a moment of creative energy with a general audience.

Website: Andrew Lamb on Can-Do Musos