November 2020

Covid Grants to Organizations & Individuals

$1000 Unrestricted Grants


Arts for Art, NY
Blank Forms, NY
Cafe Oto, UK (£)
Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago, IL
Issue Project Room, NY
Jazz Coalition, NY
Jazz Gallery, NY
Pioneer Valley Jazz Shares, Western MA
The Kitchen, NY
Roulette, NY
Village Vanguard, NY
Vortex Jazz Club, UK (£)


Christine Abdelnour
Karen Borca
Rob Brown
Gerald Cleaver
Erin Rogers
James Brandon Lewis
Reggie Sylvester

February 2020

Melissa Smey

$25,000 Unrestricted Grant

Under Ms. Smey’s leadership, Miller Theatre’s Composer Portraits at Columbia University has set the gold standard for presenting organizations internationally. The Foundation applauds her programming diversity, focus on the critical intersection between composers and performers, illuminating interviews, listener friendly educational components and commitment to expanding the audience for creative music.

Website: Melissa Smey / Miller Theatre, Columbia University School of the Arts
Website: Miller Theatre

February 2020

Bobby Bradford

$25,000 Unrestricted Grant

For his legendary contributions to jazz, improvised and composed music.

Mr. Bradford’s  original voice on cornet, risk taking in diverse musical environments, creative compositions, commitment to pedagogy and contributions to seminal recordings with Ornette Coleman, John Carter, David Murray, John Stevens, Frode Gjerstad and many others, places him in the pantheon of historically significant artists.

Website: Bobby Bradford (Wikipedia)

February 2020

Darius Jones

$10,000 Recording Grant

Underwriting support for both solo and string project recordings (with Gerald Cleaver, William Parker, Craig Taborn, and Tomeka Reid).

Website: Darius Jones

February 2020

Mode Records

$10,000 Challenge Grant

In support of Mode Record’s fundraising campaign to modernize its promotion, informational, and sales platforms.

Website: Mode Records gofundme page
Website: Mode Records

February 2020

Other Minds

$5,000 Grant for Other Minds Festival 25

In support of Other Minds Festival 25: Moment’s Notice, Concert 3

April 4, 2020 at 8pm with
Joëlle Léandre, bass
Lauren Newton, voice

Website: Other Minds: Festival 25

February 2020

Issue Project Room

$3,000 Grant

In support of Peter Brötzmann’s Full Blast Trio concert by ISSUE Project Room (presenting at the First Unitarian Congregational Society in Brooklyn, NY) on May 8th at 8pm.

Website: Issue Project Room
Announcement (pdf): Full Blast / Issue Project Room / May 8, 2020

February 2020

Epistrophy Arts

$1,500 Grant

In support of a performance by Andrew Cyrille and Billy Harper on April 19th at The North Door in Austin, Texas.

Website: Epistrophy Arts
Website: Event announcement and tickets