Grants, Awards & Donations

Updated February 2017

The Robert D. Bielecki Foundation provides financial grants, awards and donations to emerging, under-recognized, and deserving artists and organizations across the United States and internationally. The Foundation seeks to enrich fine art culture while expanding opportunities for individual artist development and audience cultivation.

There is no application process and the Foundation cannot return unsolicited material. You can email project information to We may or may not be able to reply. There is no endowment; we are cash-flow based. When money is available, we make decisions and dispersals. We are committed to the Foundation’s Mission. We evaluate our success not by our own generosity but whether our contributions are generative.

Our goals, vital to a healthy society, remain insufficiently funded in the private marketplace; this must change. Grants, awards and donations are awarded to:

Musicians & Composers for composing, research, rehearsal, score creation and copying, performance, promotion, recording and distribution, marketing, public relations, archival and management services.

Writers for authorship, research, publishing, marketing, public relations, archival and management services.

Visual Artists for painting, sculpture, video, new media, experimental practice, studio space, pursuit of gallery representation, research, marketing, public relations, archival and management services.

Presenting Organizations for audience retention, new audience development, improvements in data analytics, as well as special events (concerts, readings, exhibitions, etc.)